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When booking laptops, please ensure you put the room number so that the laptops go to the correct room!

The following MUST be adhered to when always using the COW Laptop Resources whether you are staff or a student:

 The COW Laptops will ONLY be provided for bookings on the COW Booking system.

 Each COW has 16 laptops, these are checked by IT Technicians before the trolley is sent out. You as the teacher are required to check the number of laptops at the start and end of the lesson.

 Any damage of any equipment that you find during the lesson MUST be reported to the IT Technicians when they collect the laptops.

 Any misuse of ICT Equipment during the lesson must be dealt with appropriately.

 At the end of the lesson, ensure that the laptops are plugged back into the trolley so that they may charge as they may be going to another lesson afterwards.

If you have booked the laptops, you are responsible for complying with the above.

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